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Friday, 24 June 2016

婆罗洲石油承包采金Borneo Oil unit secures another mining job


婆罗洲石油旗下的婆罗洲油气公司,获得Jusra Mining Merapoh公司(JMM)委任,负责在立卑Hulu Jelai森林保护区的Serumbum河采沙金与脉金。



婆罗洲石油1万元 收购婆罗洲资源

婆罗洲石油(BORNOIL,7036,主板贸服股)宣布,以1万令吉,收购位于英属维尔京群岛的婆罗洲资源(Borneo Resources)私人有限公司。




Borneo Oil unit secures another mining job

A Borneo Oil Bhd unit has secured a second sub-contract to carry out prospecting and mining of alluvial and lode gold in Pahang.
Borneo Oil’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Borneo Oil and Gas Corp Sdn Bhd BOG, was appointed by Jusra Mining Merapoh Sdn Bhd (JMM) as its contractor to undertake prospecting and mining of alluvial and lode gold on an exclusive basis in an area covering 202.8ha in Sg Serumbum, Hutan Simpan Hulu Jelai, Lipis Distirct.
The said mining area was contracted to JMM by MMC Corp Bhd,which was granted the sole and exclusive rights to carry out large scale prospecting and mining of minerals by the Pahang State Economic Development Corp (Pasdec) in 1990.
“The actual estimated amount of contract value cannot be readily quantified as it depends on the production quantity of gold ores, sales price of gold and rates of tribute payable involved,” Borneo Oil said in a filing with Bursa Malaysia.

The sub-contract is for five years, with a renewal for another five years subject to a review on the tribute payment percentage to be mutually agreed by the parties.
Borneo Oil said the initial financial commitment on the sub-contract works was estimated at RM5mil to finance preliminary exploration works and RM10mil to invest in plant and equipment as well as initial working capital for alluvial gold mining.
Borneo Oil owns fast food chain SugarBun, which has some 75 franchised restaurants in Malaysia, mostly in Sarawak, and overseas, including Burnei, China, Australia and Bangladesh.
In March last year, BOG was appointed by Champmark Sdn Bhd as its contractor to prospect and mine alluvial and lode gold on an exclusive basis in an area covering some 162ha in Merapoh, Pahang.
BOG, which has since commenced production of gold, has planned to invest up to RM15mil in a new plant and equipment as well as exploration works for this first venture.
On the second contract secured on Jan 5 this year, Borneo Oil said BOG would advance some RM1.27mil to JMM under the terms of the sub-contract agreement.
In addition, BOG will pay tributes to JMM based on 10% of the revenue from the total sale of gold produced.
In the third quarter ended Oct 31, 2014, Borneo Oil posted a net profit of RM1.47mil, a reversal of RM366,000 in losses in the previous corresponding period, as revenue doubled to RM21.2mil from RM10.5mil previously.
“The group performed relatively well during the quarter under review, especially from its new gold mining and related activities, and positive contribution from the fast food division which continued with its consistent and impressive performance,” the company said in notes accompanying its latest financials.
The fast food division contributed RM9.7mil to group revenue and RM544,000 in pre-tax profit while the mining and other businesses under the oil, gas and energy-related segment chipped in RM4.8mil in turnover and RM1.6mil in pre-tax profit (vs RM393,000 in revenue and losses of RM1.8mil previously).
10 January 2015

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